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Hello! I’m Daniel Calatayud, a Freelance landscape photographer, who helps real-estate professionals and interior designers to get the best photography services to give more value to on-sale properties and places like companies or hotels. Before starting a photography business I did spend five years working as a scuba dive instructor and underwater photographer when I have arrived in Switzerland in 2015 I have worked in the product photography industry. Since 2006 when I did start my photography journey I’m exploring nature and the city to create eye-catching landscapes. I love to go trekking and Nordic walking, next winter I plan to take more pictures in snowy conditions. I’m available in Geneva, Coppet, Nyon, Gland, Morges, Rolle, Lausanne, and all west Switzerland, to take real-estate photography. My landscapes photographs are on sale as art pieces too. Info and Schedules by e-mail.